10 Tips Exactly How To Stay Clear Of Locksmith Scams

As frightening as it might seem, Locksmith hoaxes are actually ending up being an aspect of our lives. Locksmiths target residence as well as vehicle managers when they are at their very most prone state and in despairing demand for support- in an emergency and also needing quick assistance.

A lot of the moments we feel that seeking a locksmith online is actually possibly a smart selection. Nonetheless, our team can become a sufferer of fake or even scamming locksmiths that are actually copying genuine ones on the on the web directories. The scenario is actually these phony locksmith professionals impersonate the local locksmiths and they do not even have any regional workshop. In some cases these supposed locksmith professionals are not even properly qualified as well as are actually run through out-of-state phone call facilities.

A couple of careful actions taken by you can easily aid in preventing a scamming business or an untrained imitator.

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1. “Neighborhood” is actually the Search phrase

Do your investigation beforehand. Take good time and do certainly not rush along with the hunt.

If a locksmith organisation is registered along with a neighborhood deal with, Google the handle and also learn if some other organisation is registered with the exact same deal with.

Even though you reside in an unexpected emergency, you should consistently know the solutions that answer the phone along with any sort of generic phrase, such as “Welcome to locksmith solutions”. If the one you have actually gotten in touch with is unwilling to give you a legal business label, you require to discover one more locksmith.

Also see if the firms are actually using any “800” amount or even a regional amount. “800” variety can signify that the locksmith you are actually getting in touch with can be an overseas call center.

2. Inspect Recognition and Certificate

When the locksmith arrives at the place it is important to seek identification, consisting of a locksmith permit where one applies.

Out of all the conditions, only fifteen of all of them call for locksmith licensing, creating it an unlawful act job or maybe advertise as a locksmith without valid references. Inspect if your condition is among the 15 conditions on Google.

3. Be cautious of affordable

Regularly receive a quote on the phone before permitting any kind of professional to meet you. Be actually suspicious of any locksmith delivering unbelievably small cost. Those are major warnings. Regularly ask about the work expenses, emergency prices and also the service fees.

Never allow anybody to start service the home or even car without having complete know-how of the expenses you could possibly incur.

4. There certainly far better not be actually any kind of covert fees

It is crucial to ask if there are actually any sort of additional charges, specifically in the event that of unexpected emergencies.

A scamming provider might additionally state the lock on your residence or even auto is obsolete as well as it needs to have to become changed. They will certainly charge you an arm as well as a lower leg to substitute the existing lock along with one which they are going to point out is a high-security padlock yet that seldom is the case. You can find yourself paying all of them to substitute the existing good padlock with an economical one for a higher rate.

5. Seek Vehicle Id

Consistently watch on your surroundings. In the event an individual gets there in an unmarked vehicle and also professes they are along with a specific locksmith firm most definitely perform certainly not allow them to start job. Legitimate locksmith companies regularly send their experts in a significant motor vehicle with the Provider company logos, telephone number, and brand resources. This is actually a call for recognition.

6. Ask for a written estimation

Regularly ask for a composed estimate. This will cover you from hidden charges and also additional labor costs. If a locksmith is being hesitant to give you a signed composed quote then perform not permit them to start the task. This may indicate that they are actually not credible as well as only would like to create some quick amount of money.

7. On internet site quote ought to tally along with the created quote

Any kind of professional locksmith business will certainly deliver you along with a detailed price quote during the telephonic chat. This will consist of expense of landing, effort and also the required components. This estimate will along with the on website price quote. Locksmiths hoping to fraud you are going to alter their quote upon appearance by adding extra covert fees even before the job begins. Be secure coming from such unscrupulous service providers.

8. Point out ‘No’ to Drilling and Replacement

Any type of locksmith business that advises the hair requires to be punched or substituted is a scams. Experienced locksmith specialists can unlock virtually any type of door. If they would like to drill the hair, state a trustworthy ‘No’. There is a high chance they are actually scamming you as well as seeking additional amount of money. All legitimate locksmith firms learns their specialists to effectively open any kind of door.

9. Avoid cash money purchases

All legitimate locksmith companies offer you the alternative to spend by money, examination and/or credit history. Any sort of firm that demands cash deals just is looking for fast cash and also there is actually a 99.99 per cent probability that it is actually a rip-off. This is actually also an essential inquiry you need to inquire ahead of time. Make sure you are aware of exactly how they take settlement BEFORE they start work.

10. Carry out not leave the locksmith professionals ignored during the work

I do not advise that you ought to not trust the individual that has actually gotten here to help you, however it is crucial to watch on what they are carrying out. Your precision can prevent you coming from being scammed in additional techniques you can easily think of.

If you feel that you have been actually surcharged or even scammed through a locksmith, you must promptly talk to the office of your state chief law officer. If you are actually blessed, the AG’s office might possess a provision of interacting a workers to function as a mediator in between the consumers and the businesses as well as you could receive your money back. Be careful and also remain safe.

Buy Spotify Followers – 10 Ways to Increase Your Spotify Followers

Spotify is a social media network for popular music enthusiasts, or even songs fanatics that are watching out for a network to showcase their work, plus want to discover the world of popular music in every feasible technique. It is actually a network that unites certainly not merely various categories of popular music and work they have actually existed yet likewise hook up new performers with the experts and a lot more. For instance, any sort of developing artist can easily show his account and allotment it along with the globe. Now the aspect that individuals typically ask is exactly how to acquire noticed promptly and gain the very best from it. For those listed below are actually some approaches and also tips to increase your Followers on Spotify:

1. Allotment Exclusive Information

To obtain unique reaction, you got to carry out one thing ingenious to obtain that. When you choose for a specific tip of a playlist, you need to make certain if it has already been shared through any individual or even everything identical to it has actually obtained its own placement on the network or not. Your playlist has to have niche market to deliver rather than doing the repetitive stuff as one-of-a-kind is most likely to acquire noticed on Spotify, or even anywhere else for that issue.

2. Use Strudy Headline

Headlines have an impact to leave behind on the reader, as a result, pick all of them prudently. It needs to illustrate the mood and style of your playlist. Prevent the common headlines that doesn’t state anything concerning the playlist and audiences get to know it eventually. For this reason, the labels should represent the information of the popular music your playlist stores. A definitive headline obtains seen and enjoyed together.

3. Reveal Your Playlists Often

You have to invite and also tell others about the playlist you have actually been functioning, else to receive instant feedback will not be effortless, and also it could take some time. Place it out for all, plus do it frequently till you don’t receive feedback coming from them.

4. Browse as well as Comply With Grand Artists

Discover the most ideal performers of their category and observe them religiously, this will maintain you improved regarding the patterns of the industry. At the same time, are going to allow you to locate brand-new musicians and also bands as well as will definitely secondary assistance you to associate with their followers.

5. Promote Acress All Social Networks

Spotify neighborhood is actually an amazing system to exhibit your curated playlist; it enables you to include summary to the playlist that describes the motif of the playlist to the customers. In order to advertise it, you can produce your blog site or internet site; additionally you may do it on all social channels like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, and so on. It might pick up slowly but adhere to it, will definitely start gradually.

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6. Update Playlists

Recurring improve for your playlists is actually essential to offer it a refreshing appeal; it also always keeps the music upgraded for the audiences. Plus it’s a smart means to stay in addition to others leading in the exact same category. Yet the improve must accompany the headline of the playlist. For example, if it has absolute best tunes of last thirty days then it may not be updated on an once a week basis.

7. Incorporate Adhere To Switch To Your Website

Feature the Comply with symbol of Spotify on the promotional website or blog post that you have. It will certainly make it possible for new followers to click to your playlist as well as it will additionally invite even more website traffic to the website. Generally, it is actually a two-way benefit for you on the whole.

8. Link it to YouTube

YouTube in comparison to various other social stations is actually extra reliable and significant specifically for the genre of music. Musicians, performers or emerging bands, all favor to be active and also trending on YouTube as it is actually thought about finest to predict your job. Consequently, you need to discuss and also connect your playlists along with your YouTube network to inform the existing followers regarding your playlist.

9. Create and also Diversify Your Network

Up until you don’t pay attention bent on others, you may not inquire to do the very same. Develop a solid neighborhood for yourself by interacting all of them and also getting engaged also. Once your work gets noticed, it ultimately obtains more scenery.

10. Tell Your Followers

Don’t annoy all of them each time, however keep expanding the work you desire others to look at as soon as. Deliver tips for your existing followers on all your social channels and also interact additional call of your buddies. Ask them to as if or even leave discuss the hyperlinks your portion, this immediately ensures even more perspectives if not portions. Therefore, it’s visiting profit you in any case.

Buy Instagram followers

Did you know that around 1 billion people worldwide use buy instagram followers? Of these, around 15 million are from Germany. Above all, the young and youngest generation is best reached via Instagram: the daily stay of under 25 years is 32 minutes. The well-known contrast filters make the app extremely popular, especially among young people.

Instagram offers companies, self-employed people and influencers an excellent opportunity to present themselves with the help of pictures and stories to a young and often affluent target group . But despite a high level of commitment, up-to-the-minute care and following other profiles, hardly anyone will follow you back? This is often frustrating and often leads to a total standstill. Do not let it get that far! We help you sustainably to increase the number of your followers!

Buying Instagram followers has never been so easy …

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In our clear customer area, you can create as many campaigns for your Instagram profiles and Instagram pictures as you like. Use audience settings to narrow your audience. You can also use the interval to control the hourly, daily, or weekly growth in buy real instagram followers.

Daily evaluation & reporting

In our daily evaluation, you always have the overview: in real time, mediated followers are displayed in the evaluation. Deleted followers are automatically detected and refunded.

3 tips to sell your chalet faster and more expensive

If you have your villa for sale, you may have been on the market for a long time without any buyers having appeared. The reason is simple: houses and flats sell faster, because more people can afford them. Many people would prefer to live in a chalet, but it is a luxury that is not available to everyone and that costs a lot to maintain. It is possible that this is the reason why you have decided to sell it, and from SevendeYa we are going to help you. Keep reading, because we are going to give you 3 tips to sell your chalet faster and more expensive austin home buyers.

3 tips to sell your chalet faster and more expensive

The importance of the first impression

It is clear that you will have to clean your chalet both outside and inside. However, there are some techniques that serve to “prepare” your home to visitors and quickly enter through the eyes.
We talk about the Home Staging technique, which consists of organizing and decorating your home in such a way that it is attractive to your visitors. We start by removing personal items, with the aim of depersonalizing the property a bit and that your visitors do not feel uncomfortable.
Then, the rooms have to be redecorated with the aim of making them look more beautiful and attract more attention. Think about this: when a visit enters your house, the first 90 seconds are decisive for you to decide to buy the villa or not. Decoration is something you can NOT leave to chance!
In case you do not want to invest time or money to do a Home Staging, remember that it is mandatory that you clean, order the rooms and leave your chalet ready for visits.

Who do you want to sell your villa to?

It could be that a person living alone decided to buy your villa. But let’s be honest, it’s not the most common. A large house is more attractive for families, so you’ll have to be clear about who you want to sell.
Why is it important to know who you are targeting? Because if when you go to receive the visit you prepare your house simulated moments of the daily routine so that your buyer can get to imagine what his life would be like there , you will have it easier and you will be able to sell your chalet faster and more expensive.
For example, when we go to Ikea, we want to take everything with us, because the store prepares its spaces in such a way that you imagine living there. That’s what we want to achieve!

Take advantage of the full potential of your villa

In announcement of your villa is important too, and will be responsible for attracting more visitors or less to your home. Therefore, we suggest you take some good pictures. The idea is to reflect the potential of your villa.
For example, do you have a very large garden and the entrance to your house is fairy tale? Take the main picture there! Do you have a dream room? Take out your camera, get ready and take the picture!
With these three tips it will be easier to sell your chalet faster and more expensive, because one is willing to pay more for a property that has fallen in love. If you want to get the full potential of your home, contact a real estate company like SevendeYa. We are experts in seeing the potential of each home and in quickly finding a buyer.

A cryptocurrency to invest in TrueUSD dollars

There is already a cryptocurrency in Mexico to invest in TrueUSD (TUSD) dollars based on blockchain technology. With this token you can invest in dollars since its price is the same as that currency -that is, 1 TUSD is equal to 1 dollar-, unlike other cryptocurrencies whose price is established according to the supply and demand of the same.

What are TrueUSD?

TrueUSD is not creating its own ecosystem or a new market, nor does it have a long-term virtual development objective like Bitcoin and Ethereum did at the time. It is simply an investment tool in that currency and the TUSD token is backed by a trust in which there is the same amount of dollars as TUSD.
This bank account is seized or as in English it is told, in escrow. This means that nobody can actually touch that money, it is only in a closed bank account, and when a user redeems their tokens for money, what they fluctuate are the available investment dollars investing in cryptocurrencies.
Unless you live on the northern border of Mexico or have a transnational company, the various financial institutions do not issue dollar accounts to individuals, which limit the investment options in dollars to the purchase and sale of the currency in private homes. Change. Another option is to have a forex account, but it is made for long-term trips abroad and not necessarily for investment.
Now with the TUSD can be moved dollars to digital wallets in the same way you would do with any other token as bitcoin or ether, make payments to international companies that accept this type of cryptocurrency and redeem them in cash just as you would when you sell the dollars that you keep under the mattress.
In summary: a bank account has 100 dollars and the cryptocurrency exchange markets can sell 100 tokens. If they run out, they cannot generate more. When someone sells them, that amount is made available again.
As TrueUSD and its backup account is part of the blockchain-based asset digitization platform, TrustToken is audited weekly by independent auditors who monitor that no more dollars are sold than there are in the account.

What is the charm?

In Mexico it is definitely easier to buy a cryptocurrency than to change your dollars in the bank and putting them under the mattress. In addition, there are few options for investing in dollars that are outside an exchange house or a capital fund.
“The biggest advantage I see is that if you want to buy or sell dollars, you can do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” says José Rodríguez, VP of Payments of the cryptocurrency exchange platform in Mexico, Bitso, who They also have TrueUSD in their offer.
And this coin works exactly like others, being created in Ethereum technology, so you can have a virtual wallet to which you can send your TrueUSD. This means that you can transfer funds in dollars to people or use them to pay for products or services in the digital world without having to go through the currency exchange and lose value.
Of course, when you want to withdraw your funds to a savings account always always always go from dollars to Mexican pesos with the exchange rate of that day. This means that if you want to invest in a cryptocurrency based on dollars to have returns, you have to do the same as if you were buying the paper: buy cheap and sell expensive. These concepts you can learn less in the Small Pig Capitalist investments (here FREE chapter 1), and available in ebook in Google Play, iTunes and Amazon.
TrueUSD is not risk free like other cryptocurrencies
The fact that TUSD is backed by dollars, real paper in a bank, does not mean that they are risk free. The world of cryptocurrencies is still in full development and like any technological innovation, it has digital risks. So do not take it as the biggest investment of your life, better take a look at this video that we prepared about investments in cryptocurrencies so you know more about their risks and opportunities.
Remember that Mexico is a pioneer in legislation on financial technology companies with the Fintech Law and the publication of secondary laws where as of September 10, 2018 these companies must comply with the regulations and be recognized as a financial technology institution by the authorities.

What foods to consume to increase the production of testosterone

Testosterone is very important in the health of both women and men, since it is the hormone that increases the feeling of well-being, helps develop lean muscle, increases libido and sexual pleasure testosterone boosting foods.
The human body needs specific nutrients to produce the right amounts of testosterone. This hormone works independently with respect to other hormones to maintain optimal health and the best thing is that hormones can be increased naturally, thus helping the body to balance its systems.
Many times it is related to men, but it is equally important for women. As you get older, the level of testosterone produced naturally by the body can decrease but we can also add to it environmental factors such as exposure to drugs with statins, herbicides, among others, which make the production of hormones decrease. For men, a low level of testosterone is related to an enlarged prostate, hair loss and some types of cancer.
Women by nature have lower levels of testosterone since their body is more sensitive to that hormone and their health depends on the balance between progesterone, estrogen and testosterone.
To produce testosterone the body needs many different nutrients, and zinc and vitamin D3 are among the most frequently required. Zinc is an essential mineral that is present only in certain foods such as pumpkin seeds, bitter chocolate, garlic, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, wheat germ, zucchini seeds, chickpeas, among others and their low index results in some symptoms associated with allergies or increasing the level of sensitivity to allergic reactions among numerous other processes that weaken the optimal functioning of the body. In a different way it happens with vitamin D, because the body can manufacture it every time the skin is exposed to the sun, although many people lack this vitamin for the amount of hours they spend without exposing themselves to them due to different reasons.
Stress is a killer of testosterone, because when the body experiences it, it produces cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands that reduces the effects of testosterone.
Some elements that can be added to the diet to maintain testosterone levels in order are the following:
The pomegranate has high levels of antioxidants, vitamin A, C, E and iron, so you can increase testosterone levels between 16 and 30% only by taking a pomegranate juice a day, which also improves mood and increases libido. Extra virgin olive oil is a powerful concentrate to increase testosterone; those who consume it daily observe an increase between 17 and 19% in the levels of the hormone in a span of approximately three weeks.
Oysters are known in the world as a food that increases the libido, because they have high concentrations of zinc, likewise, we can mention the anchovies, sardines, wild salmon and cashew nuts. Coconut is a healthy source of saturated fat, which helps a greater production of hormones. Coconut helps the body produce good cholesterol, reduce body fat and maintain weight, this being a way to improve testosterone production. Pumpkin seeds can also be included in the diet, limiting their consumption to one teaspoon daily.


The approaching Christmas. And what better time to give to others and yourself? If you play golf in Madrid you can take advantage of the Christmas holidays to ask your loved ones for gifts to complete your kit best golf gifts.

Ten ideas to give to golf players

  1. If you are going to make a gift to a golfer, you will surely have a good set of clubs. But maybe he does not have good covers for them. Especially for woods, which are the woods that require more care? So, first idea to give to a golfer: covers for wood.
  2. Balls. If there’s a gift for a golfer that never fails, it’s the balls. At the Retamares Golf Club we like the brands of Titleist, Srixon and Callaway.
  3. Bags . The bag is something basic in the equipment of a golfer. It is a complement in which there is no need to skimp. So take note of what Depique offers you, the Retamares Golf Club store.
  4. Thermal clothing. The clothes for a golfer are something that’s always good. Both to play golf in Madrid in winter and in summer it is important that these clothes are breathable. That keeps the body safe from moisture.
  5. Umbrellas and plastic for the rain. Both for you and to protect your equipment on rainy days it is essential that you have a good umbrella and plastics for the equipment.
  6. Swiss Army knife for the golf course. Brands such as Victorinox have released special models for golfers. These have very useful tools on the field of play.
  7. Permanent markers to mark the balls. It is a basic gift, easy to find and very useful!
  8. Ones. Other gift ideas can be the tees (supports where the balls are placed), the Repair Tool, the blow counter, the markers, etc.
  9. Books. Although it may not seem like it, golf books can give us some useful ideas to improve our game and learn more about this sport. Some classics are Five Lessons by Ben Hogan. The modern fundamentals of golf; Golf is not the game of perfection, by Bob Rotella; o the little red golf book, by Harvey Penick.
  10. Finally, we propose you as an idea to give a gift to a club. In the Retamares Golf Club we have these subscriptions.

How to sell a house on your own

“It is sold by the owner” they say signs that surely have caught your attention if you are thinking of selling your house without using real estate agents. If that is your decision, consider the following house buyers houston.

Guide to sell your house

1. Determine when you will put your home for sale – Plan where you will live after the sale. Get ready with time, as if you were going to make the sale quickly, so that you avoid the stress of having to move quickly.
2. Know the value of your property -Don’t let yourself be carried away by rumors or feelings. Your house is not worth what the neighbor says or what you believe, it has a real value determined by the conditions in the market. If you have doubts, the best option is to request an appraisal. That valuation will make you put a fair price on your home which could make the house sell faster.
3. Establish an action plan for sale- Take into account the following:
  • Type of promotion you will do.
  • Evaluate how much the ads cost and where to place them-If printed newspapers work well in your place of residence, consider putting classified ads. Usually the sale of properties is not very expensive and it is easy to contract, only sending the information you want to publish.
  • Internet ads are in vogue and are usually also cheap, but it limits the sales efforts to the public that you want them to arrive. Focus on the most popular properties for sale.
  • Prepare signs if they are allowed in your community-In department stores you will find some almost ready, to which you only need to put your information. You must know that when you put them you will have calls to almost all hours and that you must be aware of your security when showing it.
  • Let your neighbors or friends know that you are going to sell-Word-of-mouth promotion costs nothing and is sometimes very effective. If you have neighbors happy with the community they will like to know that there are properties available to notify their acquaintances.

4. Prepare your house for sale
  • Some sellers hire a staging expert to make your house look as attractive as possible, but if you do not want to invest in that, make an action plan. The basic rule is to clean to perfection, repair or eliminate damaged things and accommodate furniture allowing you to see the real space that has the house, and the possibilities that new owners will have to accommodate there.
  • Prepare it as neutral as possible, without religious or political allusions, and if possible begin to store personal items that only appeal to that is your home, without giving way to others imagine in it, that is inside, but not you neglect the outside. Make sure the patio is clean and the exterior (and interior) walls are painted and clean.
  •  Make a review or inspection of your house. Know your strengths and weaknesses. The buyers will ask you. Check what is damaged and you can repair it (sometimes investing a bit gives you great benefits) and recognize what does not work or needs fixing and you are not willing to change. Some of those things could be part of the negotiation of the sale by own will or because it is a requirement of the type of loan that the buyer will make.

5. Organize the documentation for sale
  • If you have a mortgage, make sure with your bank about the debt and that you have no penalty for selling it.
  •  Learn about the liens that you have. To transfer the title must be free of these.
  • Analyze taxes and property insurance. They will ask you how many are and the types of compulsory insurance that the house needs.
  • Once there is a contract, follow up the process to ensure that the closure is achieved.

Tips to sell your house better and faster

For some years, selling a house seems an impossible task. There are few buyers interested in visiting it and, even less, those who have the firm intention to buy it. But, there are some tricks that help your home sell better and faster house buyers houston.
Some details of your home can make a difference. This technique is known as ‘ home staging’ and focuses on making your home more attractive to potential buyers.
We show you ten tips , endorsed by experts, to stand out above the rest and sell your home quickly:
1. Cleaning
It seems fundamental if we want to sell any product to someone. But, you would be surprised to know how many people teach their house to potential buyers without a minimum of cleaning.
2. Light
Light is essential in any home. So much to take the photos that you will hang in the network to sell your house as to give good impression to the possible buyers who come to see it.
If your house has good natural light, raise the blinds and open the curtains to make your home look more spacious and cheerful. If, on the other hand, your home is dark or the windows overlook a patio, it incorporates different clear or led spotlights at strategic points of the home.
3. Depersonalize your home
Buyers have to feel at home from the start. Remove wedding photos or pictures with family images and replace them with small details such as vases or plants and decorative items.
4. Investment
A broken plug, a crack in the kitchen or old tiles is small details that can decide the buyer for not buying the house. If we want to sell our home quickly and at a good price, we must invest in it.
Although at first it may seem useless to invest money in something that you are going to sell, it is not. A house can increase up to € 5,000 its value if we invest less than € 1,000 in arrangements and small details, according to the experts in ‘home staging’.
We can hire experts who know the best techniques so that our home is sold in the market or, ask for help from a relative or friend who is good at decorating.
5. Light and soft colors
Red walls or strong tones dwarf and worsen the appearance of our house. A coat of paint on time can help you sell your home. The light and soft colors such as yellow, white, cream or gray, make your home more spacious and cheerful. In addition, these tones, in general, are liked by everyone.
6. Order
We cannot teach our house to anyone if we have it messy and with clutter on all sides. The atmosphere will look overloaded and will throw back the potential buyers.
7. Small details
The small details, plants or ornaments change the appearance of your home. We must get a clean, bright, pleasant house without overloading. Having too many paintings, plants or figures will overload your appearance.
8. Furniture
The old or broken furniture will not benefit you at all. As we have said before, you must invest a minimum of money to fix those small damages in your home. In addition, they could make buyers try to lower the price of housing for those details.
9. Bad smells
Smell is one of the senses that most throws us back. For a person to feel comfortable in a place, this must have a good smell . Also do not make the mistake of abusing the air fresheners. Experts recommend cleaning the home well, making coffee or cooking something in the oven before the customers arrive so that the house gives off a pleasant smell.
10. Photos
Our house has to stand out among hundreds of homes that are advertised through the Internet. Therefore, the photographs of the home must attract users of these web portals from the first moment.
The images must transmit joy , have good luminosity and give the impression of spaciousness . It is not about deceiving anyone, but about showing the virtues of our home.
As we discussed with the decoration, we can go to photo experts to achieve our goal or any amateur who can get good images.

Keys to success with your landscape photos on Instagram

Instagram has become the social network showcase par excellence and it is not surprising, due to its great commitment to photography. This differentiates it from other social networks and makes it the second with the most users, second only to Facebook. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how could this social network not succeed? However, we must not forget that what appears on Instagram, in many cases, does not correspond to reality, but rather it is an improved version, which appeals, directly, to the field of aspirations buyiglikes buy ig likes.
But, as much as Instagram photos are riddled with filters, they get great engagement quotas . There are many brands that try to make the most of this social network. Clothing companies, makeup, technology, amusement parks, music festivals … Everyone wants to be present in the jewel in the crown of Facebook.
In fact, it has become the best ally of tourism. The city-brands take advantage of the potential and possibilities that Instagram offers to show the most beautiful places. Who has not looked for his next destination on Instagram to discover that beautiful landscape that awaits him?
Incredible as it may seem, the potential of Instagram goes further. It is the perfect tool to create a personal brand. There are more people than we can imagine with a large number of followers in that network who live, precisely, of it: to post photos on Instagram. It is what, today, is known as influencers. The brands, aware of the large audience that these people have, propose to be ambassadors of their products. It is important to keep in mind that, for the message to reach your audience, brands and their products must have some affinity with your audience.

Influencers as ambassadors of places

The influencers working in all industries, including non – -how tourism. This industry intends to benefit from the audience of these people to publicize the most beautiful corners of their cities. The tourist destinations pay these influencers for visiting their city and, in exchange, they must relate their trip by uploading the best snapshots of the place.
If you wonder how much influencer earns from traveling and documenting travel, the answer is complicated. According to Skift, the figures range between 1,000 and 3,500 dollars per day of travel. It will also depend on the type of influencer, the number of followers and the characteristics that your audience presents. There are many variables that we have to take into account, which makes it difficult to establish a specific price. However, it is a more than good figure to spend your life traveling.

Most photographed places on Instagram

Not all places have the same reception on Instagram. There are landscapes that have a special charm and succeed on the Net. Not all corners of the world are the same and neither are users. Uploading a photograph of the most famous places on Instagram does not have to involve a bath of likes. However, the same photograph taken by an influencer can reach, in just a moment, thousands of likes.
Next, the list of the most photographed places on Instagram, taking into account the use of the geolocation of snapshots by users.
  • Disney The most photographed place on the Web could not be another. A magic corner where there are. In addition, this place, whether in Florida, California or Japan, takes the cake as well, in terms of the most visited places in the world.
  • Universal Studios. The second place with the largest presence on Instagram is also an amusement park. Inside this park, most snapshots are taken by the part dedicated to Harry Potter.
  • Central Park The lung and icon of New York could not be missing from this list. The park is a must for anyone visiting The Big Apple.
  • Times Square New York, again. If Central Park is a must see, Times Square is almost a pilgrimage. In fact, in 2016 more than sixty million people visited this part of the city.
  • Eiffel Tower. Although tourism in France is not going through its best, this emblem of the Parisian city is still among the most photographed.
  • Louvre Museum. This other icon of the capital of France occupies a deserved 6th place on our list.
  • Las Vegas Strip. Emblematic city and star of multiple films where there are, this popular avenue occupies the 7th place, in terms of Instagram geolocation labels.
  • Santa Monica Pier. Known worldwide by the vigilantes of the beach, the Californian city could not be left out of this list.
  • Brooklyn Bridge. Again, New York. But who can resist the charms of this city?
  • Pan-Russian Exhibition Center. Finally, this great Moscow fairground, which houses a great source of historical information of the golden years of the Soviet Union.
  • Tricks to succeed on Instagram

If you have also photographed these places, congratulations, but maybe you have not achieved the expected likes. That’s why maybe you’re not so happy about it. If you want to succeed on Instagram and live the dream life of most influencers, you’re still on time. Then, the 15 definitive tricks to succeed on Instagram.
  • It provides quality. That everything is true is not true. If we buy quality items, we also want to see them in the photographs and the fuzzy or dark ones do not work.
  • Be constant. Choose the periodicity with which you will upload photos. It is not good to upload a photo and then forget about the social network. Set yourself a minimum and try to meet them.
  • Do not abuse the selfie. If you enjoy making photos, congratulations, but save them for you. It is not necessary to upload them continuously. We like to see new things and I’m sorry, but your face is not going to change from one day to the next.
  • Get inspired and do not copy. The best way to know what users like is to immerse you in Instagram and see indecent amounts of photographs. This will give you ideas on what to publish or not to publish, but it does not serve to copy. A photograph takes behind it a time and work that must be valued.
  • Be original. Once you are clear about what to photograph, you must take into account how to do it. Get out of the ordinary and look for different points of view to stand out among the other instagramers .
  • Coherence, first of all. Do not forget that your Instagram profile is not a photo only, but a set. It is recommended that the photos follow the same pattern, that is, mark a style.
  • Use the hashtags well. The hashtags can help you achieve likes and followers, but that does not mean that you can use without rhyme or reason. Do not abuse them.
  • Take care of the composition. The vast majority of applications linked to photography, including Instagram, have a grid, so do not hesitate to use it. The grid corresponds to the main law of all composition, the Law of Thirds. This law states that the points of interest of the photos should be placed at the intersections, where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect. The grid will be of great help to achieve a good composition.
  • The light, that great unknown. Photography is just light, so if it is well taken care of, you will get high quality photos. The smartphones , in the absence of light, generated grain in photographs, very little aesthetic element. So take generous snapshots of light and, if possible, with a diffuse light. The ideal is a slightly cloudy day.
  • Vertical format Many times, we choose to shoot photographs in horizontal format for the simple fact that it covers more landscape. However, it is studied that the most successful photographs on social networks are made in vertical format. Who are we to contradict the statistics? So he will listen to them.
  • Edit the photos you may like the picture as you took it. However, editing it, in its proper measure, is always a good option. The basic parameters that we must take into account when editing are: contrast, temperature, blacks, shadows and sharpness. For this, there are much more complete applications than Instagram, which can be helpful.
  • Prohibited the flash. Let’s not forget that we are talking about a smartphone and not an SLR. The flash is simple, so limit you to using it when it is, absolutely, essential.
  • Filters, your great ally. Do not cut yourself when using filters. If you want to succeed, the most used filters are: Myfair, Valencia, Rise, Hefe and Nashville.
  • Boomerang and videos. The most important thing about Instagram is the photographs, but we must not forget other tools offered by the social network, such as boomerang or videos.
  • Enjoy And, finally, whatever you do, live it.

You already know how to succeed on Instagram, what are you waiting for to become influencer? Is your moment.