Gold, like silver, is almost equivalent to having cash. “They are the only assets that never failed in 5000 years. Since they are tangible with inherent value, their purchasing power will never fall to zero,”says Michael Maloney, writer, metal expert, author of “Guide to investing in gold and silver”. “Investing in them represents a safe haven, which becomes more interesting during periods of economic problems, wars, terrorism and natural events, and has a proven record of good performance amid inflation or deflation,” he says in his book regal assets reviews.

 How to invest in gold from Argentina?

The quintessential reference to buy gold as an investment is the City Bank.  First warning: it is important to be very careful of the place where the metal is acquired to ensure its purity and authenticity, and not take a fiasco years later, when you want to sell it. “The fine gold bullion of Banco Ciudad is a product that can be considered in two ways: as an investment and as a raw material. In the first case, it would be a savings value for medium and small investors.  Even in recent years, small investors prevail over medium-sized ones. In the second case, gold is worth as a base material for goldsmithing, electroplating and medicine, ”explains Carlos Leiza, manager of Social and Pignoratic Banking at Banco Ciudad.

The entity sells only 100, 50, 10, 5, and 1 gram gold bullion in physical form and does not work with tenure certificates: whoever acquires it must take it either to their home or to a safe deposit box; you cannot leave it in the bank “in custody.”

 The minimum investment is $ 510 (1 gram ingot).  The key data for any investor: “AFIP authorization is not required to complete marketing operations for fine gold bullion,” says Leiza. This is basically because the purchase is made in pesos, he adds. “Nor is there a ceiling for hoarding and acquisition. Of course, the amount to buy depends on the client’s ability to justify the origin of the funds,”says the executive.

 Gold is a commodity that has an international price. How is the price calculated in Argentina? The City uses the international price of the Troy ounce as a basic parameter. “But, on this base value, the local variations, corresponding to the quotation of the US dollar of the bank itself and the margins of variation of profitability, influence. It follows that any fluctuation in the international price will affect that of the entity. But the latter will suffer independent variations from that,”says Leiza.

Investing in gold and silver represents a safe haven, which becomes more interesting during periods of economic problems

Judging by analyst projections, it would be time to incorporate gold into the investment portfolio, since it is below its maximum levels and, in addition, amid international tensions and market fluctuations, it continues to demonstrate its strength. According to Bloomberg, in 2014, the increase in gold bullion prices exceeds the valuations recorded in equity, US Treasury bonds and bonds.

 Today, the Troy ounce is priced at an average of US $ 1284.  “Although, in 2014, it did not reach US $ 1543.2, which was the average of this metal before the 2006 price boom. The long-term horizon it is positive, “predicted the World Gold Council.” Although, in the first quarter of the year, central banks decreased their demand, the prospect is that they maintain their purchases as a strategy of investment diversification and risk management, “said the global entity, in a report.

 Leiza believes that local demand, too, will tend to increase. “We understand that a bullish run in the quote will give investors new interest to reposition themselves again in gold. And, in this, the impossibility for the investor to access the dollar is decisive, so he uses other exchange values, including gold, as happened during the first stage of the exchange rate”.

Feng Shui Symbols For Wealth

Deciding upon Feng Shui solutions doesn’t have be difficult. You don’t really have to inundate with crystals, essential oils or other items that may not always be in harmony with each other. The secret to creating harmonious Feng Shui is balance, and you need to be able to have the elements of balance to magnetite the good things and experience the attracting of Feng Shui in your real world. There are many kinds of Feng Shui fixes, and you may have to familiarise yourself properly about these Feng Shui symbols before hanging any in your home.

In selecting the right Feng Shui symbol, you must have some sentimental relationship to the cure you are using as a Feng Shui symbol. Certain of the Feng Shui symbols are meant to provide cures for bad luck. Many others are intended to supplement what is already inherently there in your home or office. The feeling that you want to convey must be established right from the very starting point before you look around for Feng Shui symbols so that you will find the correct symbol that will fit your goals.


There are a myriad of crystals available for Feng Shui wofs almanac 2019, and familiarizing yourself with a few of them and their traits will help you call in what you need to be able to encourage prosperity and wealth in your circumstances. Since you are using crystals, make sure that you take good care of it and wash it regularly to avoid dust or clutter from draining it.

Rock crystals act as batteries of chi. Rock crystals are thought of as natural enhancers. Precious gems are the most auspicious.

Essential Oils

Some of the more relaxing oil choices include the lavender oil, which is perfect for helping you attain calmness in your environment. Essential oils are very conducive to reinforcing a healthy environment for your home or office. Just ensure that you use the right selection of oils so that you will not swamp* your environment with too much oil. Also, for purposes of variety, have some stock of individual oils so that you will be able to taste different feels of environment even by just changing the scent.


Fountains grant calm and the element of water in the environment. If you have a fountain that is quite unobtrusive and visually pretty, place it in such a way that it will complement metal and not overpower your fire elements. Fountains supplement metal elements so make sure that you are able to position it with the metal elements in your home or office.

Bagua and other Feng Shui Tools

The correct proper orientation for the Feng Shui bagua is also important if you are to apply it in your home. The Feng Shui cures that you might need must also complement each other so that you will not find yourself in the middle of a clashing set of Feng Shui symbols. Chinese coins tied with a string are also another form of good luck cure.


Animals are also classed as part of the Feng Shui enhancements. Some of the attributes of the animal being used is actually adopted by the environment according to Feng Shui guidelines.

The Color Factor

Color is also an important aspect of Feng Shui. The visual appeal must not only be derived on what goes with where, but it must also be based on the ideal colors you need. It all depends on the emotion that you want to convey.

5 Sales Strategies for an e-Commerce

The e-Commerce is competing day by day to distinguish themselves from other companies. To make you noticed you need sales strategies that will help you in this saturated digital world, in which it is increasingly difficult to offer new promotions to similar audiences ecom inspector.

However, despite all these obstacles, there is an opportunity for your company to stand out from all the others. Here I explain how!

The best Sales Strategies for an e-Commerce

To generate and increase sales, always start with the data you have. If you still do not have them, you can send an online survey to your database and gather information that will help you make better decisions. Next, I leave you a list of 5 strategies to keep growing:

1 # Compete adding value, not changing prices

It is difficult to stay in the market when you are constantly changing prices. By doing this you are also getting your customers to wait until your products come down, which will only generate lower income and reduce the good perception that people have towards your brand.

Instead, focusing on the value of your products you can offer your customers a worthwhile experience that they will be willing to pay. A value would be something that makes your customers make your purchase with just a click, for example, offers free shipping or a bonus.

These are things that matter to consumers. Trust these sales strategies and you will get pleasant surprises.

Without a doubt, customers demand new technologies that offer experiences without errors. Facilitate payment options and make sure that processes are fast, for that you can use PayPal or Openpay to accept payments effectively and safely.

If you want to be the most accurate you have to be in constant contact with your customers, asking them what you can offer them and how you can improve your service. This will help you increase your sales, as you will have more and more satisfied customers.

Being different and distinguishing you from the competition do not start with the price. Instead of focusing on it, discover what is the unique value you are offering your customers, asking them to evaluate your products. Here I leave some survey templates that can be useful to know what to ask.

2 # Profile a market segment

For some online stores it is not enough to generate value to increase sales, so as part of their strategies they resort to focus on a new market.

Focusing on another segment does not mean selling new products or changing the image of your brand to “fit in” with other customers. Sometimes, it’s simply to focus on another market that you might not have considered.

For example, suppose that an online store currently sells cosmetics for middle-aged women, but according to the queries made by customers and the data obtained through the surveys, they realize that many young women are willing to buy cleaning and hydration products. of the skin.

With that information, you can decide to add a line of care and cleaning for the skin. Along with that, you could create content that shows how this market segment uses these products.

Take a chance to find a new niche and make it grow. If you want to evolve you have to make new audiences interested and buy new or current products.

3 # connect your content to each sales channel

The businesses that stand out resort to the generation of content within their sales strategies to attract and engage their customers. They see the opportunity to share information about updates, suggestions for uses and topics of interest to their consumers.

It is very common that brands that are engaged in online sales do not associate their marketing content with sales. What they usually do is deliver information that helps the reader solve a problem or some information need.

If getting more income is something important to you, it ‘s time to integrate content into each sales channel you have. Start knowing the activity that your website has. It is important to know where your customers come from. Do they come from social networks? From third-party references? Make an analysis of all this information.

Once you have these data on hand, create content that is attractive to customers and makes them buy your products. Experiment with all kinds of content, from long texts, images, GIFS, videos, etc.

The next step is to eliminate any errors that exist or cause visitors to leave your page and not buy. Marketing content does not always have to be branding. You can use this tool to make people part of your sales channel as well.

4 # Explore alternative channels

It may be that your market is saturated, but it is possible that your business is not reaching the ideal customers. To reach those customers you will need to know everything about your audience: where you eat, where you live, what your tastes and needs are, etc.

One thing that many online business owners get confused about believes that making a website and getting many people aware of their social networks can make a business generate revenue. The truth is that you cannot expect a single channel to be your only source of income.

To get the income you want so much, what you can do is become a strategic partner of other brands. Of course, this strategy can be in many ways.

You can create a cross-campaign with your partner’s database; For example, QuestionPro and Doppler did an email marketing campaign exchanging the databases of each one.

Relying on one or even two ways to get customers for your business is not enough. You can expand your customer network by learning more about themselves and collaborating with other partners.

5 # Reward your customers

When it comes to carrying out sales strategies, online stores prefer to sell to existing customers. Clients who have already made purchases and who trust in sales processes.

So you can start with a simple promotion per season, or you can make your customers perform some dynamics in social networks to get extra discounts and later you can create a loyalty program where your best customers refer your brand and get a percentage of the sale or special promotions.

Segment your audience to offer discounts to your most loyal customers, for example, to people who have made a purchase with you twice in a month. Be strategic in the promotions you offer; this does not mean that every time you want to reward your customers you have to give them a discount coupon. Be creative.

If you have information on what your consumers’ interests are, their favorite brands, and even where they usually like to leave, you can use this information to find out how to connect with more potential customers.

And finally, do not neglect them; they are the ones that can make you get recurring income in your business.

Advantages and disadvantages of fiber optics

In this post I want to list the advantages and disadvantages of fiber optic splice closure in china , a few years ago it was an unknown type of installation and it was also very difficult to find qualified personnel for its connectorizationor fusion . With the rise of fiber networks by operators this word, “fiber”, we all know what it means, what we do not know are the advantages and disadvantages it brings to the world of communications.
– Easy to install.
– High speed data transmission.
– Direct connection of plants to companies.
– Great bandwidth.
– The fiber optic cable, being very thin and flexible, is much lighter and occupies less space than the coaxial cable and twisted pair cable.
– Unlimited and continuous access 24 hours a day, without congestion.
– Fiber optic makes it possible to surf the Internet, at a speed of 2 million bps, unthinkable in the conventional system, in which most users connect to 10mbps, 100mbps or 1000mbps.
– Video and sound in real time.
– The raw material to make it is abundant in nature.
– Compatibility with digital technology.
– Great security. The intrusion in an optical fiber is easily detectable, due to the weakening of the light energy in reception, besides it does not radiate anything, which is particularly interesting for applications that require a high degree of confidentiality.
– Resistance to heat, cold and corrosion.
– You can group several fiber optic patch panel supplier cables and create a hose that carries large amounts of traffic, immune to interference.
– Insensitivity to electromagnetic interference, such as when a telephone wire loses part of its signal.
– Only people who live in the areas of the city for which the fiber optic network is already installed can subscribe.
– The cost is high in the fiber optic connection, the companies do not charge for time of use, but for quantity of information transferred to the computer, or any other equipment or household appliance connected to the internet, the information is measured bytes.
– The installation cost is high.
– The relatively high cost compared to the other types of cable.
– Fragility of fibers.
– The tiny cores of the cables must be aligned with extreme precision when splicing, to avoid excessive signal loss.
– Difficulty repairing a broken fiber cable.
– The specialization of the personnel in charge of carrying out the mergers and splices.

The Gold IRA Companies and What You Should Know

gold IRA companies

Are you considering investing into Gold IRA for your retirement and you are looking for the best way to do so? Are you overwhelmed with presence of many gold IRA companieswithout knowing the one you should contact for the service? If these are truth, you are not to worry as this is where you will get the information you need regarding comparing many companies for your Gold IRA investment. Ensure on strong reputation, fee structure and quick delivery of your Gold when you want to contact a company for your service. These and more are the things you need to do in order to be sure of getting what you need secure your financial future after retirement.

The gold IRA companies that are well established in Gold IRA Service

 It is nice for you to only go to the Gold IRA Company that is well established in the service. You need not go to the company that will end up running away with your money. In fact, it is essential to take some times and ask some necessary questions about gold IRA companies before selecting one of them for your service.

Stay updated about scams carried out by unscrupulous gold IRA companies

Make sure you pay attention and get yourself updated about the scams carried out by some dishonest gold IRA companies before going ahead to select any of them. That will give you opportunity to be more cautious about the company you want to contact for your investment.

Excessive Increase in Buying and Consumption of MRE Meals

MRE meals

The travelers in outdoor activities like camping, visiting historical places and going for some personal missions always use ready meals. In fact, they don’t know whether they will have some restaurants on the way. That is why; they prefer survival and preserved foods which they can unpack, warm and eat. These MRE meals (Meals ready to eat) are becoming more famous and useful for the travelers. All these meals are 100% free of any virus, bacteria or germs that can harm your health when you eat preserve foods. That is why; these meals are 100% satisfactory, high quality and safe for consumption. Usually, there is an excessive increase in popularity, purchase and consumption of the meals ready to eat throughout the world. You can order for dried, frozen, preserved and MRE foods to top grocery stores.

Meals ready to eat are more convenient and rich in taste. Today, the trends of buying and consuming these meals are rapidly growing throughout the world. In last few surveys, it was discovered that almost 43% people in the USA have been using dried, frozen and MRE foods for last few years. Similarly, the rate of consumers for MRE meal is also growing rapidly in rest of the world. There are many logical and impressive reasons behind an excessive increase in purchase and consumption of MRE foods. First of all, these are 100% tested and recommended meals without having any germ containing report. Secondly, you can preserve and use these meals as long as you want. In addition, these meals are the best eatable goods for travelers for visiting farther regions in the world.

A Certified Trading Broker

Forex trading has become a risky and uncertain trade type that provides profit and loss at an equal rate. Usually, it can be a big risk to invest without knowing about a Forex broker, about the investment methods, account types, commodities, updated stocks, values and trading signals. If you are willing to make Forex trade an extremely profitable business, then you should click here and read completely about the CMSTrader that is a certified trading broker. This professional Forex advisor offers you the best financial consultancy service, trading techniques, ways to find the values of commodities, currencies and the predictions. Of course, this is a registered web-based trading platform where you will get everything you need to support your investment. In next, it is a bit compulsory for the new and inexperienced investors to read CMSTrader reviews that will let them know a number of basic, but significant factors.

When you are going through these reviews, then you should check and verify the total numbers of traders and investors associated with CMSTrader. This association is enough for you to make sure whether it is a 100% reliable, suitable and professional Forex broker or not. In next, you should also review the services, facilities and all trading options available at this trading platform. The traders and investors in the world have positive and impressive feedbacks about CMSTrader and services. Usually, many companies and competitors of this broker have created as well as developed many misperceptions about CMSTrader. They have tried their best to make investors sure of insolvency and scams of this registered Forex broker. You must avoid paying attention to such fake considerations, but it is right to click here and read the facts.