Custom shirts to create your own brand

We have worked with graphic designers, illustrators and various fashion-related artists to create their own brands or to repeat collections of shirts or sweatshirts personalized t shirts for kids.
The first question is: where to start? For sending us your designs and creations, and we take care of everything. In case of any doubt, we will help you choose the personalization technique that best suits your design and budget.

Quality and design

An important point to keep in mind is that the t-shirts for designers are designed to sell them and create a brand and image, so they must be medium or high quality garments. A bright design on a shirt intended for advertising is very demeaning, and it is likely that the garment will be deformed after a few washes. Nobody wants that.
In our online catalog of t-shirts we offer some brands specially designed for designers that have resulted in an incomparable quality: American Apparel, Continental Clothing, Stanley Stella, Gildan or B & C. There are them for all tastes and pockets. 😉
And if instead what you are looking for are cheap t-shirts but suitable for resale, we advise you toSols Regent t-shirt, the Gildan 150 t-shirt
or the B & C 150. They are classic and basic but they are ideal for reselling at low prices.
In addition to quality, an important part is the cut of the shirts. In our catalog you can choose the ‘ fashion filter ‘ to select the garments with the most modern and fashionable cuts.

Ecological shirts

Every time we are more aware of the environment, and in the textile world, organic t-shirts and organic cotton are getting very strong. It is evident that they are not a cheap option, but they can work very well for a specific public that values ​​a garment made with ecological materials and with a minimum of environmental impact.
The full range of Continental Clothing or Stanley Stella are great options for your custom t-shirts . There are even T-shirts made from recycled or bamboo fabrics!


Our star techniques to create custom t-shirts for designers are three:
Silkscreen. Brilliant results at a very competitive price, but only allows you to print designs with a maximum of ⅞ colors without frames, shadows or gradients.
Digital printing. High quality printing and without any ink limit. Perfect for photographic designs or for illustrations with gradients and details in multiple colors.
Sublimation Full Print . Ideal for extra large designs that will occupy seams, collars and sides, and with no color limit. It is a fully breathable personalization technique, but only allows printing on white shirts.

Something more than shirts

To complete a collection nothing better than adding hats, sweatshirts and bags personalized with your designs.
Long tote bags, also known as tote bags, have become a flagship product for some time now. They work as textile accessories and as original packaging for your shirts. They are cheap, practical and often reused, which guarantees an extra publicity. All are advantages. : D

The last details

Any personal touch adds value to your shirts, so customizing labels is important to create your own brand.
In our personalized label service we offer several options, but our favorites are the labels printed directly on the neck of the shirt. The icing on the cake!
In addition, we offer bagging to ensure a protected storage and care of your clothes.

Tips for choosing a stair lift chair

What is a stair lift chair?

The stairlifts are chairs or moving platforms anchored by a stair rail. They can be installed on any staircase, they are safe and easy to use, they do not hinder the passage to other users of the stairs and they have a great variety of customization options (MONTASCALE PER DISABILI).
Stairlifts can be used to raise and lower a person, but also small objects, by pressing a button.
A stair lift, in broad strokes, is a swivel seat that moves along a rail located on the stairs to access other floors.

How to correctly choose a stairlift?

When, for various reasons, you have little mobility and climbing the stairs is an impediment, sometimes you can choose to move to another floor and even move.
It is a solution, but is it going to change your habits, the distribution of your home or even move to be able to access your bedroom without problems?
Sometimes you can discard the possibility of a  mobility solution  because, in general, we think it is very expensive, expensive and expensive but there are solutions to improve accessibility without having to make all these changes in habits and distribution.
Installing a stairlift in your home is an investment that will provide quality of life, you can go back up the stairs without any difficulty, regaining your independence.
A stairlift no longer has to be a horrible and annoying device on the stairs. Our stair lift chairs have been specially designed to blend discreetly with the furniture of your home.
Before choosing the stairlift best suited for your needs, you should take the time to consider the following interesting aspects that can help you answer the questions that may arise when purchasing a stair lift chair
What space do I need to be able to install a stairlift?
The minimum width for straight stairs is 680 mm (without counting what the user’s knees need to bend) and for the curves about 750 mm (which can be reduced to 605 mm by installing options such as automatic turn-off or overtravel to disembark in the upper landing instead of flush with the last step) and depending on the inclination of the staircase.
Thanks to the stylized design of the range of stair lift chairs, most of the staircase space will be cleared for the transit of other members of your home when the chair is folded in its storage position.

How safe are the stair lift chairs?

All the stair lift chairs have been designed and manufactured strictly following the latest European regulations to ensure maximum safety for all users.
During the ride the safety belt and the optional curved arms keep you safe in the stair lift.
If the lift encounters an obstacle it will stop safely, thanks to special safety edges on the drive unit.
The stair lift operates on batteries, which means it can be used during an electrical outage.
Is any type of preparation work necessary for the stair to install the stairlift?
In principle it is not necessary to carry out works. In any case, during the visit we will advise you and analyze the best route.
All our stair lift chairs are fixed to the rungs and not to the wall.
Stairlifts can be installed in less than a day, which is the minimum disruption to the home.

Can the Stairlift be customized?

Indeed, our Stairlift Chairs are equipped with a variety of upholstery and rail colors for which the Chair adapts to your home as much as possible.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

As well as the lifestyle changes mentioned above, people with moderate to severe OSA usually need to use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device.
This is a small pump that delivers a continuous supply of compressed air through a mask that either covers your nose or your nose and mouth. The compressed air prevents your throat closing.
CPAP machine can feel peculiar to start with and you may be tempted to stop using it. But people who persevere usually soon get used to it and their symptoms improve significantly.
Buy cpap machine is available on the NHS and is the most effective therapy for treating severe cases of OSA.
As well as reducing symptoms such as snoring and tiredness, it can also reduce the risk of complications of OSA, such as high blood pressure.
Possible side effects of using a CPAP device can include:
  • mask discomfort
  • nasal congestion, runny nose or irritation
  • difficulty breathing through your nose
  • headaches and ear pain
  • stomach pain and flatulence (wind)
Earlier versions of CPAP also often caused problems such as nasal dryness and a sore throat. However, modern versions tend to include humidifiers, a device that increases moisture, which helps reduce these side effects.
If CPAP causes you discomfort, inform your treatment staff as the device can be modified to make it more comfortable. For example, you can try using a CPAP machine that starts with a low air pressure and gradually builds up to a higher air pressure as you fall asleep.

Mandibular advancement device (MAD)

A mandibular advancement device (MAD) is a dental appliance, similar to a gum shield, sometimes used to treat mild OSA. 
They’re not generally recommended for more severe OSA, although they may be an option if you’re unable to tolerate using a CPAP device.
An MAD is worn over your teeth when you’re asleep. It’s designed to hold your jaw and tongue forward to increase the space at the back of your throat and reduce the narrowing of your airway that causes snoring.
Off-the-shelf MADs are available from specialist websites, but most experts don’t recommend them, as poor-fitting MADs can make symptoms worse.
It’s recommended you have an MAD made for you by a dentist with training and experience in treating sleep apnoea. MADs aren’t always available on the NHS, so you may need to pay for the device privately through a dentist or orthodontist.
An MAD may not be suitable treatment for you if you don’t have many – or any – teeth. If you have dental caps, crowns or bridgework, consult your dentist to ensure they won’t be stressed or damaged by an MAD.

Surgery for OSA

Surgery to treat OSA isn’t routinely recommended because evidence shows it’s not as effective as CPAP at controlling the symptoms of the condition. It also carries the risk of more serious complications.
Surgery is usually only considered as a last resort when all other treatment options have failed, and also if the condition is severely affecting your quality of life.
A range of surgical treatments have been used to treat OSA. These include:
  • tonsillectomy – where the tonsils are removed if they’re enlarged and blocking your airway when you sleep
  • adenoidectomy – where the adenoids, small lumps of tissue at the back of the throat above the tonsils, are removed if they’re enlarged and are blocking the airway during sleep
  • tracheostomy – where a tube is inserted directly into your neck to allow you to breathe freely, even if the airways in your upper throat are blocked
  • weight loss (bariatric) surgery – where the size of the stomach is reduced if you’re severely obese and this is making your sleep apnoea worse
Surgery to remove excess tissue in the throat to widen your airway (uvulopalatopharyngoplasty) used to be a common surgical treatment for OSA, but it’s performed less often nowadays.
This is because more effective treatments are available, such as CPAP. This type of surgery can mean you’re unable to use a CPAP device properly in the future if you need to.

Soft palate implants

Soft palate implants make the soft palate, part of the roof of the mouth, stiffer and less likely to vibrate and cause an obstruction. The implants are inserted into the soft palate under local anaesthetic.
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has said soft palate implants are safe, but they’re not currently recommended for treating OSA as there’s a lack of evidence about their effectiveness.
However, this form of treatment is recommended for treating snoring associated with OSA in exceptional cases.

How to Start A Successful YouTube Channel for Your Business

So you’re thinking of taking the plunge into YouTube for your business, are you? It’s a smart move, given that 300 hours of video are uploaded every single minute to the platform, but it may not seem as easy as it was to learn how to create a website.  Relax – we’re going to give you a breakdown of some basics to get your YouTube business channel up and running.
It’s time to put on your director’s hat!

Start with the basics

The first thing you’ll need to do is actually create your business channel, and YouTube makes it incredibly easy to do. With just a couple of clicks, you’ll be ready to dive into setting up your new channel.
  • Sign into YouTube and click on the user icon at the top right of the screen
  • Click on the gear icon to get to your account’s YouTube Settings
  • Click on Create a new channel
  • Then choose “Use a business or other name”
  • Add your Brand name and click create

Fill in the about section

Next, you’ll want to fill out your profile and channel description; this is the first option you see after you have created a channel. Here, you should describe your brand and what viewers can expect to see on your channel. This is also a great place to add links to your website and other social media networks that you use. This description will appear in more than one place on your channel, so be sure to put your best foot forward when filling it out!

Channel your art

When you go to a YouTube channel, you’ll immediately be greeted with a large banner displaying the channel name. This is your cover photo and is prime real estate for introducing your brand.
You can make your cover photo as extravagant or minimal as you’d like, but just make sure that your brand is the focal point, as it’s going to be the first impression someone gets upon entering. Luckily, there are a great assortment of tools to get you started if you don’t happen to be a seasoned graphic designer. Friendly reminder: YouTube recommends uploading your cover photo at 2560 x 1440 pixels with a maximum file size of 4MB.

Upload your first (official) video

At this point, you’ve probably done a fair amount of research about how to buy youtube views and comments your first video, and if you already have your channel trailer under your belt, you have a bit of practice as well! Now it’s time to take and say “action.”
Once you’re done filming and editing your first video, it’s time to upload it. Given that YouTube relies on video uploads, you’ll find the upload option at the top right of the screen when you log into your account.
You’re not done yet, though!

Optimize for search

When uploading a video, you’ll be asked to fill in a title, description, and tags. These are essential components to have your video easily discoverable in YouTube search, so don’t skimp on them!
Much like SEO for your own website, YouTube has its own set of parameters for you to optimize your video for search. Fill these sections out to the best of your ability using keywords to describe the video and your business. A keyword-rich (but not heavy) title and description can go a long way and you’ll be able to see what works for your videos as you progress.
If your video is well optimized for YouTube itself , youtube comments buy  this can extend to search engines as well. As a Google-owned product, YouTube has tight integration with the search giant. If you play your cards right, you’ll find your videos ranking high on both YouTube and Google.