Tips for choosing a stair lift chair

What is a stair lift chair?

The stairlifts are chairs or moving platforms anchored by a stair rail. They can be installed on any staircase, they are safe and easy to use, they do not hinder the passage to other users of the stairs and they have a great variety of customization options (MONTASCALE PER DISABILI).
Stairlifts can be used to raise and lower a person, but also small objects, by pressing a button.
A stair lift, in broad strokes, is a swivel seat that moves along a rail located on the stairs to access other floors.

How to correctly choose a stairlift?

When, for various reasons, you have little mobility and climbing the stairs is an impediment, sometimes you can choose to move to another floor and even move.
It is a solution, but is it going to change your habits, the distribution of your home or even move to be able to access your bedroom without problems?
Sometimes you can discard the possibility of a  mobility solution  because, in general, we think it is very expensive, expensive and expensive but there are solutions to improve accessibility without having to make all these changes in habits and distribution.
Installing a stairlift in your home is an investment that will provide quality of life, you can go back up the stairs without any difficulty, regaining your independence.
A stairlift no longer has to be a horrible and annoying device on the stairs. Our stair lift chairs have been specially designed to blend discreetly with the furniture of your home.
Before choosing the stairlift best suited for your needs, you should take the time to consider the following interesting aspects that can help you answer the questions that may arise when purchasing a stair lift chair
What space do I need to be able to install a stairlift?
The minimum width for straight stairs is 680 mm (without counting what the user’s knees need to bend) and for the curves about 750 mm (which can be reduced to 605 mm by installing options such as automatic turn-off or overtravel to disembark in the upper landing instead of flush with the last step) and depending on the inclination of the staircase.
Thanks to the stylized design of the range of stair lift chairs, most of the staircase space will be cleared for the transit of other members of your home when the chair is folded in its storage position.

How safe are the stair lift chairs?

All the stair lift chairs have been designed and manufactured strictly following the latest European regulations to ensure maximum safety for all users.
During the ride the safety belt and the optional curved arms keep you safe in the stair lift.
If the lift encounters an obstacle it will stop safely, thanks to special safety edges on the drive unit.
The stair lift operates on batteries, which means it can be used during an electrical outage.
Is any type of preparation work necessary for the stair to install the stairlift?
In principle it is not necessary to carry out works. In any case, during the visit we will advise you and analyze the best route.
All our stair lift chairs are fixed to the rungs and not to the wall.
Stairlifts can be installed in less than a day, which is the minimum disruption to the home.

Can the Stairlift be customized?

Indeed, our Stairlift Chairs are equipped with a variety of upholstery and rail colors for which the Chair adapts to your home as much as possible.