Custom shirts to create your own brand

We have worked with graphic designers, illustrators and various fashion-related artists to create their own brands or to repeat collections of shirts or sweatshirts personalized t shirts for kids.
The first question is: where to start? For sending us your designs and creations, and we take care of everything. In case of any doubt, we will help you choose the personalization technique that best suits your design and budget.

Quality and design

An important point to keep in mind is that the t-shirts for designers are designed to sell them and create a brand and image, so they must be medium or high quality garments. A bright design on a shirt intended for advertising is very demeaning, and it is likely that the garment will be deformed after a few washes. Nobody wants that.
In our online catalog of t-shirts we offer some brands specially designed for designers that have resulted in an incomparable quality: American Apparel, Continental Clothing, Stanley Stella, Gildan or B & C. There are them for all tastes and pockets. 😉
And if instead what you are looking for are cheap t-shirts but suitable for resale, we advise you toSols Regent t-shirt, the Gildan 150 t-shirt
or the B & C 150. They are classic and basic but they are ideal for reselling at low prices.
In addition to quality, an important part is the cut of the shirts. In our catalog you can choose the ‘ fashion filter ‘ to select the garments with the most modern and fashionable cuts.

Ecological shirts

Every time we are more aware of the environment, and in the textile world, organic t-shirts and organic cotton are getting very strong. It is evident that they are not a cheap option, but they can work very well for a specific public that values ​​a garment made with ecological materials and with a minimum of environmental impact.
The full range of Continental Clothing or Stanley Stella are great options for your custom t-shirts . There are even T-shirts made from recycled or bamboo fabrics!


Our star techniques to create custom t-shirts for designers are three:
Silkscreen. Brilliant results at a very competitive price, but only allows you to print designs with a maximum of ⅞ colors without frames, shadows or gradients.
Digital printing. High quality printing and without any ink limit. Perfect for photographic designs or for illustrations with gradients and details in multiple colors.
Sublimation Full Print . Ideal for extra large designs that will occupy seams, collars and sides, and with no color limit. It is a fully breathable personalization technique, but only allows printing on white shirts.

Something more than shirts

To complete a collection nothing better than adding hats, sweatshirts and bags personalized with your designs.
Long tote bags, also known as tote bags, have become a flagship product for some time now. They work as textile accessories and as original packaging for your shirts. They are cheap, practical and often reused, which guarantees an extra publicity. All are advantages. : D

The last details

Any personal touch adds value to your shirts, so customizing labels is important to create your own brand.
In our personalized label service we offer several options, but our favorites are the labels printed directly on the neck of the shirt. The icing on the cake!
In addition, we offer bagging to ensure a protected storage and care of your clothes.