Feet: 5 tips not to suffer with heels

Tips for using heels without suffering
Like most women it is possible that you know what the heels are and how you must suffer them to be able to endure all night, because you must be honest … they are uncomfortable! You may find some heels that are more or less comfortable but the reality is that sooner or later the heels take their toll and make you suffer. But do not worry because there are also some tips that can go very well to avoid pain, ingrown toenails (unha encravada tratamento caseiro) or heels that even sting. You can wear heels without pain!
Tips for using heels without suffering
1. Avoid high heels if you have bunions. 
There are many women who suffer from bunions. It is a deformity of the joint that hurts, has a large genetic part but can be aggravated by the use of high-heeled shoes that are too tight in the toe area. It is better to opt for wider shoes that will give you more freedom and movement in the foot. If you want heels it is better that they do not exceed 4 cm.
2. Not all heels are the same. 
Not all high-heeled shoes are the same because those who wear leashes or have an excessively high heel can do more damage as they force the feet to walk ‘in claw’. Also by the straps on the ankles you may have to force the muscles when walking and that causes pain and discomfort.
3. Do not buy high-heeled shoes online.
You do not need to buy high-heeled shoes online because you cannot try them on. It is necessary that you go to the stores and try them to know that they are comfortable, of your style and that you do not feel anything strange when putting them on.
4. Do not always wear the same heels. 
Try not to always wear heels, especially not all day long! It is necessary that if you like to wear high heels you exchange them with lower heels the next day. You can use wedges, medium heels, flat shoes … there are many heights that you can choose to be comfortable, reduce pain and always go to the last.
5. Do stretching. 
If you do calf stretches you can counteract the effects of high heels that can cause pain. You just have to face a wall and with your feet hip-width apart and with your legs slightly bent at the knee you will have to step forward using your arms to lean against the wall. You will keep the front leg bent and the back leg straight. The feet should rest on the ground and lean towards the wall. When performing this exercise you will feel how the calf and heel muscles. After holding this position, stand up again and do this five times per leg each day, especially after using the heels.