How to reach the ideal weight and maintain it

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It is important to understand that we will succeed as long as we accept that diet, whatever it may be, cannot represent a threat to physical integrity. Because in addition to the risk that this represents for health, it would be by biological principles doomed to failure. It means then that the food should not generate a crisis; it should provide the necessary nutrients without excess, which implies that it is well balanced. It is also essential to increase muscle mass with moderate but persevering exercise. 
Of course these measures will not result in an impressive weight loss in a short time, but it has already been proven by studies Statisticians that few people who experience these “miraculous” changes, keep them after 2 years.
So, when glucose levels and caloric reserves begin to fall as a result of dietary restriction, there will be a reaction of the organism through neurological and hormonal mechanisms to stimulate hunger, while restricting caloric expenditure, which is achieved by reducing basal energy consumption and discouraging physical activity. The reduction of the basal metabolism within the framework of caloric restriction reaches 10 to 12%, because the organism perceives the situation as a threat to its integrity, and puts into operation all the defense mechanisms within its reach.
If you maintain a balanced diet , avoid sudden changes in insulin, but  do not eliminate any nutrients, increase the basal metabolism and reduce  resources to fat tissue through the increase of muscle mass, we will obtain an appropriate weight  , more slowly , of course, but also more stable. And what is more important, without going hungry, without getting injured in extreme physical activities, and feeling better.

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