What foods to consume to increase the production of testosterone

Testosterone is very important in the health of both women and men, since it is the hormone that increases the feeling of well-being, helps develop lean muscle, increases libido and sexual pleasure testosterone boosting foods.
The human body needs specific nutrients to produce the right amounts of testosterone. This hormone works independently with respect to other hormones to maintain optimal health and the best thing is that hormones can be increased naturally, thus helping the body to balance its systems.
Many times it is related to men, but it is equally important for women. As you get older, the level of testosterone produced naturally by the body can decrease but we can also add to it environmental factors such as exposure to drugs with statins, herbicides, among others, which make the production of hormones decrease. For men, a low level of testosterone is related to an enlarged prostate, hair loss and some types of cancer.
Women by nature have lower levels of testosterone since their body is more sensitive to that hormone and their health depends on the balance between progesterone, estrogen and testosterone.
To produce testosterone the body needs many different nutrients, and zinc and vitamin D3 are among the most frequently required. Zinc is an essential mineral that is present only in certain foods such as pumpkin seeds, bitter chocolate, garlic, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, wheat germ, zucchini seeds, chickpeas, among others and their low index results in some symptoms associated with allergies or increasing the level of sensitivity to allergic reactions among numerous other processes that weaken the optimal functioning of the body. In a different way it happens with vitamin D, because the body can manufacture it every time the skin is exposed to the sun, although many people lack this vitamin for the amount of hours they spend without exposing themselves to them due to different reasons.
Stress is a killer of testosterone, because when the body experiences it, it produces cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands that reduces the effects of testosterone.
Some elements that can be added to the diet to maintain testosterone levels in order are the following:
The pomegranate has high levels of antioxidants, vitamin A, C, E and iron, so you can increase testosterone levels between 16 and 30% only by taking a pomegranate juice a day, which also improves mood and increases libido. Extra virgin olive oil is a powerful concentrate to increase testosterone; those who consume it daily observe an increase between 17 and 19% in the levels of the hormone in a span of approximately three weeks.
Oysters are known in the world as a food that increases the libido, because they have high concentrations of zinc, likewise, we can mention the anchovies, sardines, wild salmon and cashew nuts. Coconut is a healthy source of saturated fat, which helps a greater production of hormones. Coconut helps the body produce good cholesterol, reduce body fat and maintain weight, this being a way to improve testosterone production. Pumpkin seeds can also be included in the diet, limiting their consumption to one teaspoon daily.