Everyday Ways to Use Palm Reading

Understanding people and their personalities is easier than you might think. Following a few easy tips it will be possible for you to better recognize why friends and family behave the way they do. Human resource officers can learn what to look for in the hands of a job applicant during an interview and a job applicant can learn what to be careful not to do during a job interview.

What makes us behave and react to different situations the way that we do?

The answer may be in our hands. The shapes of a person’s hands can tell a lot about them. You need only meet Georgann, a professionally licensed palm reader in Nevada and Southern California to understand there is more to palm reading than mere entertainment. Georgann has a following of professional clients who regard her analysis, predictions and advice as invaluable to their careers and everyday lives.

“Our hands are a steward of our brain. They reflect our character, personality, emotions, aptitude and health. Our hands mirror our inner mind and in turn they reveal considerable information about our innermost-selves.” Georgann says.

Georgann has been studying hand analysis for more than twenty-five years.

Georgann has traveled worldwide researching the art of palm reading. Because the hands are closely connected with the subconscious they can divulge inner self and reveal whether a person is likely to be honest, deceitful, humble, boastful, introverted or extroverted.

By simply glancing at a person’s hands in a crowd, Georgann tells me that she can detect that person’s personality traits. Traits such as being down to earth hand palm reading, settled and realistic are characteristic of the solid practical hand. An individual who is inclined to be more emotional, imaginative and perhaps a dreamer will have a long hand with short fingers.

Another trait Georgann says anyone can learn is to observe the finger length. Someone with long fingers will likely give attention to detail. Short fingered individuals are just the opposite. They are more likely to be impatient and impulsive. The individual with medium fingers falls into the middle of these two types and will exhibit a combination of these attributes.

The connection between personality and our hands has been known and studied for centuries and a useful tool for reading integrity, making Georgann wonder why this is not used more for behavior analyst. To show me how to get started reading hands and palms, Georgann offers me a quick course of 10 easy ways to understand myself and others.

Does the length of the lifeline really determine length of life?

Contrary to popular belief, she tells me “No.” The lifeline curves around the thumb. A short lifeline is ordinarily suggestive of a limited amount of energy. Major changes in a person’s life can be reflected by interruptions in the lifeline, but not an individual’s longevity.

What is the fate or destiny line?

This is the line of will. When it is long, the person is apt to succeed in whatever they put their mind to. When it is profound, this usually signifies an individual with perseverance. The fate line runs up the center of the hand, from the base toward the middle finger.

What does a person’s heart line reveal?

This is the line of relationships. A strong line expresses steadiness and commitment. Found on the upper palm, the heart line travels from the base of the hand toward the index finger. An individual with a low heart line frequently nurtures a reserved cool temperament. When you see a very low heart line, this individual is likely ruled by uncompromising caution.

What can you tell about a couple’s compatibility?

An individual with a warm textured fleshy hand will likely be wishy washy in their decision making. A person who is deeply committed to their relationships and to marriage has a finely chained heart line that travels up between the index and middle fingers. A weak heart line, perhaps forked at the end indicates an individual who is not prepared to be with anyone. When a couple like this is together, it is likely they are with the wrong people and their relationship will not endure.

What do the fingers tell in relation to the hand?

Fingers are the mental element of the hand, each finger depicting a distinct facet of a person’s traits. An unusually small little finger suggests insecurity and vulnerability. Those with short index fingers may seek recognition from others, aspiring for power. Wearing many rings on both hands is seen as a sign of self doubt.

What does the thumb disclose?

The thumb represents will and intuitiveness. Its size can be an indicator of a person’s energy level. A large thumb, one longer and thicker than usual, shows a forceful personality, a person with plenty of energy. When you see a thumb that bends outward, away from the hand, this person often lacks ambition.

What can you learn from reading your child’s palm?

Looking at their headline tells a lot about the child’s natural abilities and where the best direction might be to guide his or her interests. This line reveals the attitude toward life. A child with a downward turned headline will be creative. The more the headline slopes down the more imaginative the child. A practical headline is one that runs directly across the palm. This child is likely to have a mind of his or her own, whereas an upward curved headline signifies a less imaginative child, one astute in math and science.

What can hands reveal about a person’s health?

Flexibility is the most significant characteristic of the hands. The ratio of your flexibility suggests your emotional health and how adeptly you handle variation and stress. A healthy flexible hand suggests an active person, both mentally and physically. The hand’s muscle positioning characterizes the emotions and well being of the individual.

Do women really stay in touch with their feelings and accept challenges better then men?

“In the age of more liberated women, many of my female clients want to know where their professional lives are going. They question less about relationships. My male clients however, appear secure in their professional lives, but insecure in their relationships. Men want to know if their relationship is going to last. They will ask, ‘Is she the one for me?'” Georgann answers.

What can businesses learn by using hand reading when hiring?

Simply by watching the manner in which the applicant holds their hands reveal whether the person has been straightforward and honest on the resume they submitted. Firmly clutched fists or fingers suggest information on the resume may not be reliable. Open hands and fingers are a clear indication that the person is being up front and honest during their interview. This person will be the candidate who wants to succeed, the one who is motivated to get ahead. These are natural reflexes, something that the individual is not even aware of during the interview. Hands thrust forward, tense and fingers separated impart this person does not want to be messed with.

Hand analysis is truly hand psychology, so the next time you notice someone’s hands they just may be revealing more about their character then that person realizes. After all, there is considerable accuracy to the techniques palm readers use to gain knowledge about another person.

Georgann is a recognized instructor who offers classes in hand analysis in a Nevada

continuing education program. During her classes as with these 10 tips, she is quick to tell you, it takes a lifetime of research to have a comprehensive understanding of palm reading.

Serious hand and palm reading is done with in depth study by someone who has mastered the art and spends an hour or more reading both palms and the tops of your hands. But, even if you aren’t a professional palm reader, learning a few of the basics in the craft can bring hours of insight and pleasure.