Keys to success with your landscape photos on Instagram

Instagram has become the social network showcase par excellence and it is not surprising, due to its great commitment to photography. This differentiates it from other social networks and makes it the second with the most users, second only to Facebook. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how could this social network not succeed? However, we must not forget that what appears on Instagram, in many cases, does not correspond to reality, but rather it is an improved version, which appeals, directly, to the field of aspirations buyiglikes buy ig likes.
But, as much as Instagram photos are riddled with filters, they get great engagement quotas . There are many brands that try to make the most of this social network. Clothing companies, makeup, technology, amusement parks, music festivals … Everyone wants to be present in the jewel in the crown of Facebook.
In fact, it has become the best ally of tourism. The city-brands take advantage of the potential and possibilities that Instagram offers to show the most beautiful places. Who has not looked for his next destination on Instagram to discover that beautiful landscape that awaits him?
Incredible as it may seem, the potential of Instagram goes further. It is the perfect tool to create a personal brand. There are more people than we can imagine with a large number of followers in that network who live, precisely, of it: to post photos on Instagram. It is what, today, is known as influencers. The brands, aware of the large audience that these people have, propose to be ambassadors of their products. It is important to keep in mind that, for the message to reach your audience, brands and their products must have some affinity with your audience.

Influencers as ambassadors of places

The influencers working in all industries, including non – -how tourism. This industry intends to benefit from the audience of these people to publicize the most beautiful corners of their cities. The tourist destinations pay these influencers for visiting their city and, in exchange, they must relate their trip by uploading the best snapshots of the place.
If you wonder how much influencer earns from traveling and documenting travel, the answer is complicated. According to Skift, the figures range between 1,000 and 3,500 dollars per day of travel. It will also depend on the type of influencer, the number of followers and the characteristics that your audience presents. There are many variables that we have to take into account, which makes it difficult to establish a specific price. However, it is a more than good figure to spend your life traveling.

Most photographed places on Instagram

Not all places have the same reception on Instagram. There are landscapes that have a special charm and succeed on the Net. Not all corners of the world are the same and neither are users. Uploading a photograph of the most famous places on Instagram does not have to involve a bath of likes. However, the same photograph taken by an influencer can reach, in just a moment, thousands of likes.
Next, the list of the most photographed places on Instagram, taking into account the use of the geolocation of snapshots by users.
  • Disney The most photographed place on the Web could not be another. A magic corner where there are. In addition, this place, whether in Florida, California or Japan, takes the cake as well, in terms of the most visited places in the world.
  • Universal Studios. The second place with the largest presence on Instagram is also an amusement park. Inside this park, most snapshots are taken by the part dedicated to Harry Potter.
  • Central Park The lung and icon of New York could not be missing from this list. The park is a must for anyone visiting The Big Apple.
  • Times Square New York, again. If Central Park is a must see, Times Square is almost a pilgrimage. In fact, in 2016 more than sixty million people visited this part of the city.
  • Eiffel Tower. Although tourism in France is not going through its best, this emblem of the Parisian city is still among the most photographed.
  • Louvre Museum. This other icon of the capital of France occupies a deserved 6th place on our list.
  • Las Vegas Strip. Emblematic city and star of multiple films where there are, this popular avenue occupies the 7th place, in terms of Instagram geolocation labels.
  • Santa Monica Pier. Known worldwide by the vigilantes of the beach, the Californian city could not be left out of this list.
  • Brooklyn Bridge. Again, New York. But who can resist the charms of this city?
  • Pan-Russian Exhibition Center. Finally, this great Moscow fairground, which houses a great source of historical information of the golden years of the Soviet Union.
  • Tricks to succeed on Instagram

If you have also photographed these places, congratulations, but maybe you have not achieved the expected likes. That’s why maybe you’re not so happy about it. If you want to succeed on Instagram and live the dream life of most influencers, you’re still on time. Then, the 15 definitive tricks to succeed on Instagram.
  • It provides quality. That everything is true is not true. If we buy quality items, we also want to see them in the photographs and the fuzzy or dark ones do not work.
  • Be constant. Choose the periodicity with which you will upload photos. It is not good to upload a photo and then forget about the social network. Set yourself a minimum and try to meet them.
  • Do not abuse the selfie. If you enjoy making photos, congratulations, but save them for you. It is not necessary to upload them continuously. We like to see new things and I’m sorry, but your face is not going to change from one day to the next.
  • Get inspired and do not copy. The best way to know what users like is to immerse you in Instagram and see indecent amounts of photographs. This will give you ideas on what to publish or not to publish, but it does not serve to copy. A photograph takes behind it a time and work that must be valued.
  • Be original. Once you are clear about what to photograph, you must take into account how to do it. Get out of the ordinary and look for different points of view to stand out among the other instagramers .
  • Coherence, first of all. Do not forget that your Instagram profile is not a photo only, but a set. It is recommended that the photos follow the same pattern, that is, mark a style.
  • Use the hashtags well. The hashtags can help you achieve likes and followers, but that does not mean that you can use without rhyme or reason. Do not abuse them.
  • Take care of the composition. The vast majority of applications linked to photography, including Instagram, have a grid, so do not hesitate to use it. The grid corresponds to the main law of all composition, the Law of Thirds. This law states that the points of interest of the photos should be placed at the intersections, where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect. The grid will be of great help to achieve a good composition.
  • The light, that great unknown. Photography is just light, so if it is well taken care of, you will get high quality photos. The smartphones , in the absence of light, generated grain in photographs, very little aesthetic element. So take generous snapshots of light and, if possible, with a diffuse light. The ideal is a slightly cloudy day.
  • Vertical format Many times, we choose to shoot photographs in horizontal format for the simple fact that it covers more landscape. However, it is studied that the most successful photographs on social networks are made in vertical format. Who are we to contradict the statistics? So he will listen to them.
  • Edit the photos you may like the picture as you took it. However, editing it, in its proper measure, is always a good option. The basic parameters that we must take into account when editing are: contrast, temperature, blacks, shadows and sharpness. For this, there are much more complete applications than Instagram, which can be helpful.
  • Prohibited the flash. Let’s not forget that we are talking about a smartphone and not an SLR. The flash is simple, so limit you to using it when it is, absolutely, essential.
  • Filters, your great ally. Do not cut yourself when using filters. If you want to succeed, the most used filters are: Myfair, Valencia, Rise, Hefe and Nashville.
  • Boomerang and videos. The most important thing about Instagram is the photographs, but we must not forget other tools offered by the social network, such as boomerang or videos.
  • Enjoy And, finally, whatever you do, live it.

You already know how to succeed on Instagram, what are you waiting for to become influencer? Is your moment.